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Chief Information Security Officer
Title:Chief Information Security Officer
Department:Information Technology

Summary & Job Description:


SEIU Local 1 has been on the cutting edge of building the power of low wage workers in service industries and fighting for economic, racial, immigrant and environmental justice.  We are now hiring a part time experienced Chief Information Security Officer to oversee all Information Technology security functions and guide physical security for our company.  You will lead a team of vendors and infrastructure partners to develop strategy and manage operations and the budget for the protection of enterprise information, digital and physical assets.  The scope of responsibility will encompass communications, applications and infrastructure, including the policies and procedures which apply.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all security operations (e.g. data security, infrastructure security, operational security) and evaluate them according to established goals
  • Devises and establishes IT security goals, policies, procedures and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by upper management
  • Establishes and aligns security operational goals, service levels and policies to meet organizational goals
  • Analyze the business requirements of all departments to determine their security needs, align those needs to a security strategy and implement tactics to meet the needs
  • Manage data loss prevention and fraud risk
  • Identify, analyze, control, mitigate, conduct postmortems, lead investigations and forensic analysis on any incidents
  • Monitor and triage security threats and take preventative measures
  • Purchase efficient and cost-effective security solutions
  • Test the use of security solutions to ensure functionality and efficiency
  • Identify the need for upgrades, new configurations or systems and report to upper management in a manner sufficient to support organizational and security goals
  • Coordinate organizational leaders and supervise vendors, computer technicians and other professionals to provide guidance and mentoring
  • Create, manage and control security budgets and report on expenditures
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with the IT Director and senior leadership


Job Requirements:

  • Proven experience as CISO, IT director or similar role
  • 7-10 years of experience in IT, preferably in a security role
  • Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of security applications, infrastructure, networks, products, systems and their specifications
  • Demonstrated understanding of security systems (policies, procedures, hardware, software), networks, cloud services, applications, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience in DNS, routing, authentication, VPN, proxy services and DDOS mitigation technologies; coding practices, ethical hacking, and threat modeling; and firewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocols
  • Demonstrated regulatory compliance experience with one or more of the following standards: PCI, HIPAA, NIST, GLBA, SOX
  • Experience in controlling an information technology budgets
  • Excellent organizational, time management and leadership skills
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • BSc/BA in computer science, engineering or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus; appropriate security accreditations
  • Valid driver's license, car and insurance


Requirements for a Successful Candidate:

  • Knowledgeable in IT and physical security, application development, infrastructure, networks and computer systems, Microsoft products (SQL, Exchange, licensing, Word, etc.), G-Suite, Azure, IaaS and PlaaS
  • Solid technical background while being able to manage and motivate people, manage budgets and meet IT security goals
  • Experienced in creating and implementing security procedures, policies and systems
  • Demonstrated experience successfully aligning the mission and goals of the security to the mission and goals of an organization


Salary & Benefits:

  • Salary is competitive and negotiable
  • Full benefits package including employer-paid health insurance, a pension plan and paid vacation
  • Additional benefits include car allowance, tuition reimbursement and other benefits
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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